French Toast Two-Ways (FODMAP-Friendly)

I make French Toast at least twice a week - they're quick, easy, delicious, and usually you already have all the ingredients ready. Of the two recipes below I use eggy bread more often, just for simplicity's sake, however the second option has a tad more ~pizzazz~ for when you're feeling a little bit fancy. … Continue reading French Toast Two-Ways (FODMAP-Friendly)


Book Review: The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen

I was given this book for my birthday by my partner's wonderful parents. Written by Emma Hatcher, "the FODMAP Friendly Kitchen" (available through Bookdepository) has 100 FODMAP-friendly recipes that have been approved by the official "FODMAP Friendly" group. Ranging from breakfast, main, dessert to shared plates, there is a huge variety in here. Unsurprisingly, what … Continue reading Book Review: The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen