Book Review: The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen

I was given this book for my birthday by my partner’s wonderful parents. Written by Emma Hatcher, “the FODMAP Friendly Kitchen” (available through Bookdepository) has 100 FODMAP-friendly recipes that have been approved by the official “FODMAP Friendly” group. Ranging from breakfast, main, dessert to shared plates, there is a huge variety in here.

Unsurprisingly, what I liked most was how simple these recipes were to make – requiring no more than the ability to watch a pot/stove and chop vegetables. Personal favourites include the lentil chilli, the zucchini prawn spaghetti, the dark choc chip banana bread, and the suupper easy, but super delicious (and just a little bit fancy) rice krispies.

Top left: the zucchini prawn. Incredibly simple, but incredibly, incredibly tasty.

Top right, bottom right: the lentil chilli. I like to make a double batch (for 8 people), and freeze it so my partner and I are sorted with dinner on the nights we can’t be bothered cooking for.

Bottom left: rice crispies. Look, the photo speaks for itself. Chocolately goodness. Definitely a sugar overload, but perfect for either a snack to pep yourself up, or for a birthday party.

Bottom middle: absolutely my favourite thing to have come from this book. It proved so successful the first time I made it that I had to make an entirely new one the next day just to keep up with the demand. For this recipe alone it’s worth buying the book, I promise. So beautiful they deserve their own slideshow of photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

None of these foods ever stick around long enough for them to go to waste – with even the non-FODMAPians stealing them as soon as they hit the unchartered territory that is The Fridge.

Delicious, quick, easy and packed full of vegetables this book is genuinely such a huge help when you can’t think of what to cook. Even better, a huge amount of her recipes are vegan, or include adaptations to easily make it vegan, and I find myself (a meat-eater),Β eating vegan with gusto without realising it.



If I could change anything, I think I would have preferred to see more main recipes that include things like stir fries, or curries, just to get a bit more variety.

Overall, I heartily recommend this book to you if you’re starting on your FODMAP journey, or just looking for some recipes to change up your diet a bit.

Happy cooking!



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