Can't have garlic, so must be a vampire



Gingerbread Dinosaurs (FODMAP Friendly)

I was invited to a Disney movie marathon session this weekend, with the caveat that you had to bring a dish reminiscent of a Disney movie. Now, I've had the cutest dinosaur cookie cutters that have been sitting WASTING away,... Continue Reading →

FODMAP-Friendly ANZAC Biscuits

This recipe has been taken and heavily adapted from Low FODMAP Vegetarian Recipes, changing the sugar,  flour, syrup and butter. After cooking these for a second time, with increased wet ingredients and less cooking time I found these perfectttlllyyy soft and... Continue Reading →

Vegan, Low-FODMAP Chocolate Chip Cookies Oh My!

A friend of mine (vegan) made these for me (a low-FODMAPian) earlier in the year and I only just managed to find the recipe again. She baked these for me very early on in my FODMAP journey - it was one... Continue Reading →

FODMAP Friendly Brownies

This weekend's procrastibaking FODMAP-Friendly delicious treat is dark chocolate and raspberry brownies, recipe courtesy of: A Little Bit Yummy. I have genuinely never been able to eat a brownie without having a stomach ache after (even pre-IBS diagnosis! Although I suspect there was... Continue Reading →

FODMAP-Friendly Pancakes!

Pancakes were always the type of thing that I would eat and just suffer through the consequences because pancakes. But after trying the FODMAP diet, it took two months of actual fear before trying to make FODMAP-Friendly pancakes - what... Continue Reading →

Low FODMAP banana choc chip muffins

It's picnic weather over here in Melbourne, and with one week to go before uni starts, what better time to do some baking and meet friends in the park before the stress consumes us all again? This time it's me... Continue Reading →

Blueberry and Raspberry Clafoutis (Low FODMAP)

What's not to love about Sunday family dinners? My amazing French mother, instead of shaking her fists at the IBS gods and complaining about the FODMAP diet, has taken it into her stride and is now adapting all of her... Continue Reading →

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