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Book Review: The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen

I was given this book for my birthday by my partner's wonderful parents. Written by Emma Hatcher, "the FODMAP Friendly Kitchen" (available through Bookdepository) has 100 FODMAP-friendly recipes that have been approved by the official "FODMAP Friendly" group. Ranging from... Continue Reading →

Red Robyn Review

Although already listed in my Dining Out When You’re Low FODMAP blog post, Red Robyn is just so special it deserves its own post. The food, the staff, the decor - everything is so cosy and perfect! Their menu comes with handy symbols... Continue Reading →

Low FODMAP Easy Breakfasts

Ah, breakfast. The meal that divides us all into two categories - the die hard breakfast eaters, and the 'please don't eat near me' people. This is the meal I have found that FODMAP affects the least, requiring only a... Continue Reading →

FODMAP Friendly Snacking

One of the most painful things I found about the FODMAP diet was not the physical meal options (if you eat at home these are quite practical, and just involve substitution). Instead, I struggled hugely at the start with snacking... Continue Reading →

Dining Out When You’re Low FODMAP

Brunch: Red Robyn, Camberwell. This amazing cafe lists out which items are FODMAP-friendly, and even which ones could be made FODMAP-friendly! My current favourite is not set on the menu (although there are many FODMAP-friendly options neatly displayed). I order... Continue Reading →

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