Travelling on a Low-FODMAP diet: Switzerland

I am fortunate enough to have a partner whose parents live in Switzerland, and are willing for us to visit. Unfortunately, this means popping on a plane for around 24 hours (or roughly 30 hours in my case, with delays galore!). DURING THE FLIGHTS This is the second time I have made this trip on … Continue reading Travelling on a Low-FODMAP diet: Switzerland


FODMAP Friendly Snacking 2

One good thing about being on the FODMAP diet for as long as I have at this point is discovering allllll the different kinds of snacks. As you can see, they got significantly more unhealthy from the first FODMAP Friendly Snacking, so I popped in some fruit for good measure. I bought most of these … Continue reading FODMAP Friendly Snacking 2

Book Review: The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen

I was given this book for my birthday by my partner's wonderful parents. Written by Emma Hatcher, "the FODMAP Friendly Kitchen" (available through Bookdepository) has 100 FODMAP-friendly recipes that have been approved by the official "FODMAP Friendly" group. Ranging from breakfast, main, dessert to shared plates, there is a huge variety in here. Unsurprisingly, what … Continue reading Book Review: The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen