Can't have garlic, so must be a vampire



Tacos (FODMAP-Friendly)

Once again, I'm calling something a recipe when it is hardly that at all... There aren't even spices in it. But, as this blog is my recipe book, and I make this almost on a weekly basis, soI wanted to... Continue Reading →


Best Ever Spaghetti Bolognese (FODMAP Friendly)

Spaghetti bolognese is one of the things I thought I wouldn't be able to eat again, or at least for a looong time. Without onion and garlic at the ready, it made me think this dish would have no flavour.... Continue Reading →

FODMAP-Friendly Fried Rice

My biggest issue with the FODMAP diet, is how difficult it is to make quick and easy food on the run. Everything seems to take planning, unless you're happy with some GF pasta, broccoli and egg (which, I won't lie,... Continue Reading →

FODMAP-Friendly Zucchini & Carrot Fritters

I have seen variations of zucchini fritters on so many FODMAP food blogs that it became difficult to figure out which one to use. In the end, I made my own recipe with ingredients I always have in the pantry,... Continue Reading →

Beef, Carrot & Potato Pasties (FODMAP Friendly)

It’s winter here in Melbourne, and having just finished my exams I managed to sneak to the beach for a weekend away with my partner. Which meant I got to test out all the recipes I had saved to my... Continue Reading →

Low FODMAP “Wedge-achos”

This was actually a midnight-craving-turned-into-weeknight-dinner idea. Although potatoes are low-FODMAP on their own, I struggle to find anywhere that cooks them without garlic, and who can blame them? The two are a delight. Luckily, we can use garlic-infused oil! I... Continue Reading →

Low FODMAP Sweet Chilli Beef Stir-fry with Rice Noodle

EDIT (14/5/17) after initially not being impressed, we added an entire chilli (sliced finely), and removed the zucchini and it worked out beautifully! After about a month of searching for these sauces, I got a text out of the blue... Continue Reading →

FODMAP-Friendly Pizza Base! (vegan AND GF too)

Mmm pizza, possibly the food I've missed the most on the FODMAP diet (next to pies - not something I would eat often, in fact, I'd eat them maybe once a year, but it's something that I very sorely regret... Continue Reading →

FODMAP-Friendly “Enchiladas”

Cooking enchiladas used to be one of my all-time favourite meals, but since going on the FODMAP diet I haven't been able to find any FODMAP-Friendly pre-packaged sauces/salsas. So although this food experiment may not have ended up as an enchilada,... Continue Reading →

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