Quick, Low-FODMAP Pizza

Although I love my recipe for aΒ slow-rise pizza base, having to take the time to plan meals ~24 hours in advance is something that my partner and I have been struggling with lately, as a new graduate and full-time university student. We took advantage of our recent holiday away to test out a new, low-FODMAP … Continue reading Quick, Low-FODMAP Pizza


Croque Madame (Low-FODMAP style)

Next on the list of the New Year's low-FODMAP recipe attempts is a croque madame - an ever-so-slightly fancier version of a ham and cheese toastie! Growing up French (and fussy), croque madames were one of the foods I LOVED to order when we went to cafΓ©s. There was just something so warming about the … Continue reading Croque Madame (Low-FODMAP style)