Chocolate Chip Orange Muffins (FODMAP-Friendly)

I have had a craving for some orange all day, but as I am on FODMAP, I didn't want to limit myself to the 125ml juice specified as safe by the Monash phone app. Instead, I adapted this recipe from one I used to make all the time prior to FODMAP. In particular, it was … Continue reading Chocolate Chip Orange Muffins (FODMAP-Friendly)


Banana Mug Cake (FODMAP-Friendly)

We ran out of bread this morning, and my FODMAP-Friendly yoghurt is now past its use-by date, so to the Internet I fled! I found this mug cake fromย Hurry the Food Upย and breakfast was saved! The original recipe also has a vegan version, so be sure to check that out by clicking on the link … Continue reading Banana Mug Cake (FODMAP-Friendly)