FODMAP-Friendly Pizza Base! (vegan AND GF too)

Mmm pizza, possibly the food I've missed the most on the FODMAP diet (next to pies - not something I would eat often, in fact, I'd eat them maybe once a year, but it's something that I very sorely regret having the OPTION to eat). So, because the availability and reliability of local FODMAP-Friendly pizzas … Continue reading FODMAP-Friendly Pizza Base! (vegan AND GF too)


FODMAP-Friendly “Enchiladas”

Cooking enchiladas used to be one of my all-time favourite meals, but since going on the FODMAP diet I haven't been able to find any FODMAP-Friendly pre-packaged sauces/salsas. So although this food experiment may not have ended up asΒ an enchilada, it was still good enough to share. And as always, it looks a little messy... … Continue reading FODMAP-Friendly “Enchiladas”