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February 2017

FODMAP-Friendly Pizza Base! (vegan AND GF too)

Mmm pizza, possibly the food I've missed the most on the FODMAP diet (next to pies - not something I would eat often, in fact, I'd eat them maybe once a year, but it's something that I very sorely regret... Continue Reading →


FODMAP-Friendly “Enchiladas”

Cooking enchiladas used to be one of my all-time favourite meals, but since going on the FODMAP diet I haven't been able to find any FODMAP-Friendly pre-packaged sauces/salsas. So although this food experiment may not have ended up as an enchilada,... Continue Reading →

Low FODMAP banana choc chip muffins

It's picnic weather over here in Melbourne, and with one week to go before uni starts, what better time to do some baking and meet friends in the park before the stress consumes us all again? This time it's me... Continue Reading →

Blueberry and Raspberry Clafoutis (Low FODMAP)

What's not to love about Sunday family dinners? My amazing French mother, instead of shaking her fists at the IBS gods and complaining about the FODMAP diet, has taken it into her stride and is now adapting all of her... Continue Reading →

Low FODMAP Easy Breakfasts

Ah, breakfast. The meal that divides us all into two categories - the die hard breakfast eaters, and the 'please don't eat near me' people. This is the meal I have found that FODMAP affects the least, requiring only a... Continue Reading →

FODMAP Friendly Snacking

One of the most painful things I found about the FODMAP diet was not the physical meal options (if you eat at home these are quite practical, and just involve substitution). Instead, I struggled hugely at the start with snacking... Continue Reading →

Dining Out When You’re Low FODMAP

The feeling that you can't eat out when you're on Low FODMAP can be one of the absolute hardest parts of this restrictive diet. This list is compiled from my own individual experiences, and so may not be 100% FODMAP-Friendly... Continue Reading →


Having been a FODMAPian for all of two months, I decided to create a blog so that I could share my wisdom. No but really it's tough out here, and my attempts to look online for a nifty little blog... Continue Reading →

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