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March 2017

FODMAP Friendly Brownies

This weekend's procrastibaking FODMAP-Friendly delicious treat is dark chocolate and raspberry brownies, recipe courtesy of: A Little Bit Yummy. I have genuinely never been able to eat a brownie without having a stomach ache after (even pre-IBS diagnosis! Although I suspect there was... Continue Reading →


FODMAP-Friendly Pancakes!

Pancakes were always the type of thing that I would eat and just suffer through the consequences because pancakes. But after trying the FODMAP diet, it took two months of actual fear before trying to make FODMAP-Friendly pancakes - what... Continue Reading →

Low FODMAP Sweet Chilli Beef Stir-fry with Rice Noodle

EDIT (14/5/17) after initially not being impressed, we added an entire chilli (sliced finely), and removed the zucchini and it worked out beautifully! After about a month of searching for these sauces, I got a text out of the blue... Continue Reading →

Red Robyn Review

Although already listed in my Dining Out When You’re Low FODMAP blog post, Red Robyn is just so special it deserves its own post. The food, the staff, the decor - everything is so cosy and perfect! Their menu comes with handy symbols... Continue Reading →

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