Gingerbread Dinosaurs (FODMAP Friendly)

I was invited to a Disney movie marathon session this weekend, with the caveat that you had to bring a dish reminiscent of a Disney movie. Now, I've had the cutest dinosaur cookie cutters that have been sitting WASTING away, and I happen to adore the movie The Good Dinosaur (although, frankly, any excuse to … Continue reading Gingerbread Dinosaurs (FODMAP Friendly)


FODMAP-Friendly Fried Rice

My biggest issue with the FODMAP diet, is how difficult it is to make quick and easy food on the run. Everything seems to take planning, unless you're happy with some GF pasta, broccoli and egg (which, I won't lie, is my go-to meal). This fried rice can be made in bulk, and popped in … Continue reading FODMAP-Friendly Fried Rice