Vegan, Low-FODMAP Chocolate Chip Cookies Oh My!

A friend of mine (vegan) made these for me (a low-FODMAPian) earlier in the year and I only just managed to find the recipe again.Β She baked these for me very early on in my FODMAP journey - it was one of the first recipes that didn't make me feel bloated, but was a bit more … Continue reading Vegan, Low-FODMAP Chocolate Chip Cookies Oh My!


Low FODMAP “Wedge-achos”

This was actually a midnight-craving-turned-into-weeknight-dinner idea. Although potatoes are low-FODMAP on their own, I struggle to find anywhere that cooks them without garlic, and who can blame them? The two are a delight. Luckily, we can use garlic-infused oil! I find it on its own to be a bit strong, so like to dilute it … Continue reading Low FODMAP “Wedge-achos”